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Sucker Rod Elevator Hook
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Western Silverline carries the Trico Style 25 Ton Sucker Rod Elevator complete with plates.

Part Number Size Description
21-533-575-501 3/4" & 7/8" 25 Ton Sucker Rod Elevator c/w Plates
21-554-578-600 25 Ton Sucker Rod Hook
21-553-579-600 Rod Elevator Repair Kit (Kit does 2 elevators)
21-554-579-000 Rod Hook Repair Kit, 25 Ton Hook
21-553-550-000 Top Plate, 3/4" - 5/8" f/ Rod Elevator
21-553-550-200 Top Plate, 3/4" - 7/8" f/ Rod Elevator
21-553-550-700 Top Plate, 1" f/ Rod Elevator
Other parts available upon request
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