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Swab Cups - V Style
Western Silverline carries the V Series Swab Cup in a light duty and heavy duty all rubber cup that is suited for use in fluids with high concentrations of suspended sand. The upturned lips pass easily through tight spots and will invert to dump excessive loads. The number of cups used will vary with conditions.
Our special Frac Fluid compound has excellent abrasion resistance high tensile strength and outstanding resistance to chemical attack.
Guiberson Profile
Nom. OD (inch) Core and Description Cup OD Part# Cup ID
1.900" ( 1-1/2" ) Steel Core Swab Cup 1.530" ER-15RV 0.902"
2-3/8" ( 2" ) Steel Core Swab Cup 1.980" ER-20RV 1.120"
2-7/8" ( 2-1/2" ) Steel Core Swab Cup 2.410" ER-25RV 1.334"
3.850" Steel Core Swab Cup 3.850" CC385-G 2.495"
3.900" Steel Core Swab Cup 3.900" CC390-G 2.495"
4-1/2" Steel Core Swab Cup 4.062" CC45-G 2.495"
4-1/2" Steel Core, Heavy Duty Swab Cup 4.062" CC45-HD 2.495"
4.610" Steel Core Swab Cup 4.610" CC461-G 2.495"
4.720" Steel Core Swab Cup 4.720" CC472-G 2.495"
4.850" Steel Core Swab Cup 4.850" CC485-G 2.495"
5-1/2" Steel Core Swab Cup 4.970" CC55-G 2.495"
7" Steel Core Swab Cup 6.450" CC700-G 3.500"
Note: Guiberson Profile V Swab Cups also available in Frac Material (for sizes 3.85" to 5-1/2")
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