Gas Vent Cups

Product Description

Size OEM Part # Western Silverline Part # WF/FT Casing ID A B C D E F
4 1/2″ E104501CGV291 GVHT-450-1-291 9.5-11.6#              
E104501CGV303 GVHT-450-1-303 9.5-11.6#              
5″ E105501CGV37818 GVHT-550-1 14-17#              
E105503CGV37818 GVHT-550-3 17-23#              
7″ E107002CGV40318 GVHT-700-2 15-17#              
E107004CGV40318 GVHT-700-4 17-23#              

The Gas Vent cup is a tool used to fix leaks in special wells where we pump things in or out. It stops gas from getting trapped by letting the gas escape to the surface through damaged areas.